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How to Fix Slow Wi-Fi Connection

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How to Fix Slow Wi-Fi Connection

How to Fix Slow Wi-Fi Connection

If you are facing lots of problems due to the slow internet speed. Don’t worry I have brought many solutions in this article. How to Fix Slow Wi-Fi Connection.

While working or studying on the Internet from home, slow Wi-Fi Internet becomes a major headache. Due to the current business and educational activities that are becoming virtual due to the epidemic, the slow internet speed affects your business and educational activities.

In this case, you need to solve the problem of the slow speed of your WiFi Internet. Fortunately, you can solve the problem of slow WiFi yourself. For this you can use the following method:

How to Fix Slow Wi-Fi

1. Is your internet speed slow?

Before concluding that the speed of your WiFi internet has slowed down, you need to check whether the actual speed of your home internet is equal to the speed given by the internet service provider. For that, you can find out the actual speed of your internet by going to websites like speedtest.net and fast.com. If your internet speed matches the speed specified by the ISP, it confirms that there is nothing wrong with your internet speed. And, to improve slow internet speeds, you should purchase a higher speed internet service package from an internet service provider. But if your actual internet speed is lower than what the ISP says, you can take some steps to solve the problem.

2. Restart the WiFi router

The first and easiest way to solve the problem of internet connection and speed is to restart the router. To do this, switch off WiFi and switch it on in a few seconds. If this does not improve internet speed, restart the computer, phone, and another device you are using. Sometimes the cause of slow internet is your device, not the internet connection.

3. Keep the WiFi router in right place

However, if the speed of your WiFi internet does not improve, another reason may be that the router is not in the right place. Therefore, it is advisable to place the router on top of a drawer or at a similar height. Routers should not be placed near microwave ovens and refrigerators. You should not place the router too far away from the place where the internet device is running or in any corner.

4. Adjust the router’s antenna

When the antenna of the router is raised directly, the WiFi internet wave goes only in one direction. So tilt the router’s antennas in different directions. Most Internet routers have 2 or 3 antennas. So when one of them is kept vertical and the other is kept horizontal, the internet wave goes everywhere.

5. Strengthen WiFi security

If your WiFi security is not strong, other people can easily get your WiFi password. Neighbors steal your Wi-Fi password and many people use your Wi-Fi internet unauthorisedly, causing your internet to slow down. So you should use the WPA2 security protocol on your router. You can change this by setting the router settings.

6. Single connection, multi-user

Internet speeds can be slow even when many people are constantly using the same Wi-Fi in your home. So in this case, if many people are using the internet at home at the same time, do not do all the work at once, such as live streaming, which consumes more bandwidth, downloading large files. When high-speed internet is required for more important tasks, it is advisable not to use Wi-Fi on other unnecessary devices.

7. Update the router’s software

It is important to update the software to improve the security, functionality, and stability of the router. Most of the routers available in the market now are automatically updated. But if you have an older model router, you may need to install software updates yourself. There are different ways to install updated software on different types of routers. For this, you can go to the router’s WiFi settings from your computer or phone in the internet browser, the current IP address of your router.

8. Reset the device’s network settings

If the WiFi router’s settings do not resolve the issue, you may want to reset your device’s network settings. Setting the device’s network settings is actually setting the Internet network by default. Then you reconfigure WiFi on all your devices. Doing so can improve your internet speed.

9. Purchase a new WiFi router

If your router is bad or bad, you can’t use high-speed internet even if you buy a high-speed internet plan. So if your router is too old and does not meet the new WiFi standards, you may need to replace the router. For this, it is better to buy a new router that supports wifi 5 or at least wifi 4.

10. Other Methods

Measures such as using the Quality of Service tool, changing the DNS server, using the WiFi Analyzer, and changing the WiFi channel can be used to improve the slow speed of WiFi. But even then, if the problem is not solved, you can change your internet service provider and enter into an agreement with a reliable and high-speed internet service provider. Please don’t forget to share this article on social media.

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