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How to make money from YouTube

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How to make money from YouTube

How to make money from YouTube?

Now we are surrounded by internet. The internet has given a lot of convenience to the people and through this we are getting various entertainment. YouTube comes first when it comes to entertainment. You definitely run YouTube. Nowadays, YouTube is considered as an attractive source of income. There are many YouTube channels in the world, which are earning millions in a month. Let’s see the how to make money from YouTube.

Listening to it, you may also feel the desire to earn from it. Everyone wants to make money but if you are ignorant about how to make money, this little information can be very useful.

How to make money from YouTube?

If you have the ability to create unique and creative content, YouTube can be a great source of income for you. For this, first of all you need to have a YouTube channel.

If you have a Gmail account, you can easily sign in to YouTube and create your own channel. You can put your own videos in that channel.

Videos posted on YouTube are your main source of income. Therefore, when creating a video, it is appropriate to make a video of some different style that the user likes.

If a stolen video is found, YouTube will automatically remove it. Under the YouTube Copyright Policy, if your video is copyrighted three times within 90 days, your channel will be terminated.

There is a big challenge to keep the kind of video that the viewers like. The only way to earn money is to upload content regularly without compromising the quality of your videos as per the demand of time and viewers.

YouTube monetizes your channel based on the regular engagement in your video. YouTube has set certain rules for monetizing channels.

To monetize a channel, you need to have at least a thousand subscribers and 10,000 views, as well as four thousand hours of watching your video in a year.

If all of this is done within the YouTube policy, then you are eligible to become a YouTube Partner. You can then apply to the YouTube Partner Program.

When applying, you have to choose the appropriate country where the YouTube partner program will be located in the channel location. Then you need to connect the YouTube channel with the AdSense account to earn from the ad monetized video.

When linking to an AdSense account, you have to choose whether you want to take the money you earn from Western Union or directly from a bank transfer.

From the 10th to the 15th of each month, you can see how much money has been deposited in your account. Remember, you can’t withdraw money until you have $100 in your account.

Another thing is that when receiving money through either Western Union or bank transfer, the governments of different countries deduct the percentage tax as per the law and when receiving from Western Union, additional service fee is charged.

You make money from the adsense you see in your videos. Then choose ‘Monetize with Aid’ and choose what kind of ad to place.

For this you have to go to the YouTube Studio app of the video manager. Uploading videos requires a lot of restraint. Making a suitable video can earn a worldwide audience.

Continuing the video is also a big challenge. There are also many who try to attract viewers by making obscene and unnecessary videos. But such videos cannot be sustained.

Except for the video, you have to keep in mind all the topics like thumbnails, keywords, titles, descriptions etc.

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