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Things to know before buying a new Smartphone

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Things to know before buying a new Smartphone

Things to know before buying a new Smartphone

As you may know, there is a lot of competition for smartphones in the market these days. If you are buying a new smartphone from the market, first of all, you need to know about these things to know before buying a new Smartphone.
In fact, a Smartphone is a kind of computer technology that you can carry in your pocket for various purposes or works. It is important to look at how to use a Smartphone for what purpose.

If you need a Smartphone to run a social network, then, you can buy a new Smartphone by paying thousands. If you have a special interest in mobile games and want to enjoy the game in a very ‘smooth’ way from your mobile, there is an option to buy a smartphone from midrange according to your under budget and desire.

But before buying any new smartphone which is available in the market, there are some things you need to pay attention to. Every week, there are some new smartphone is available in the market. If you are buying a new Smartphone for yourself, today we are telling you some tips to make an easy decision while buying a new Smartphone.

Things to know before buying a new smartphone

1. Which model to choose?

So most Smartphone users want to buy the latest model of the Smartphone which is available in the market. This is not bad at all. Every passing year, newer smartphones launch or are available at lower prices in the market. such device parts are getting cheaper.

Due to which not only the price of the device is cheaper, but also attractive offers can be obtained. Buying a smartphone that went public a year ago is not a bad decision.

2. Operating system

If you are buying an Android Smartphone, there are lots of different versions of Google software available in the market. Before buying a new smartphone, it is important to know the difference between this latest Android version of the smartphone.

Lollipop, MarsMallo, Nougat, Orio, Pie, Q, and other latest versions which are used by smartphones have entered the market. The new operating system Android 11 which is used by smartphones has also come to the market.

The new smartphones with a modified Android version provide security with many features for its smartphone users. Similarly, while buying a smartphone other than Android, it is best to choose for you a smartphone with the latest operating system.

3. Which brand to choose?

When it comes to smartphones, the names of brands like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, and OnePlus come to your mind. But it is not necessary to buy the only smartphones of these brands.

Other smartphone companies also launch new smartphones with powerful features at low prices in the market. In this way, you can choose any reliable smartphone brand to buy.

4. Phone screen

Often most people are confused about which screen of the phone is better among, LCD or AMOLED. LCD displays tend to have higher brightness on the screen of the smartphone.

But the AMOLED panel saves the smartphone’s battery. Also, the color looks very good in it. So if you have to choose between LCD and AMOLED, always choose an AMOLED display smartphone.

Theoretically, LCD screens are best to see in bright and direct sunlight on smartphones. On the other hand, the AMOLED display available in smartphones is suitable for bright light and limited color conditions.

However, with the advent of new technologies, the differences between the two types of displays have become less important than Full HD and Q HD resolutions for pictures can be considered almost flawless in the smartphone

5. Processor

The processor is no different from the heart of a smartphone. In this case, it is very important to give pay attention to the processor while buying a new smartphone from the market.

Smartphones having Processors like Qualcomm, MediaTek Helio, Apple Bioni, Exynos and Kirin are available in the market. But it is important to pay attention to the chip instead of the name of these processors used in the smartphone.

The important thing is that the smaller the size of the chip, the better its performance. The size of the chip which is set in a smartphone is measured in nanometers.

Now, It comes in sizes like 12 nm, 8 nm, 5 nm in a smartphone. In this case, you have the right choice of a smartphone with an 8 nm or 7 nm chip instead of 12 nm of new smartphones.

If you are buying expensive smartphones from the market, it is suitable to buy a smartphone with a 5 nm chipset.

6. Rhythm and internal storage

If you feel that the space of your old mobile has less and you want to expand it, then check the RAM and internal memory of the smartphone.

Don’t base it solely on stickers and discounts. Keep track of how much space the pre-installed apps are taking up in your smartphone.

Although the storage capacity of a smartphone can be increased by inserting a microSD card, it is better to choose a larger internal memory than using an external memory card on the smartphone.

Before choosing a 64 or 128 GB of internal memory smartphone, think carefully about how much memory you really need for your work.

Are you using your computer’s hard drive to save movies, music, files, and AV apps? If not, 32 GB of internal memory can work for you.

Also, the hard drive option has the option of using the recently available cloud services. At least RAM 2 GB /32 GB of internal memory can be the minimum basis.

7. Camera

Many smartphone users are focusing on the megapixels of the phone’s camera. But it is not too good. If so, how can a low-megapixel iPhone capture better photos than a multi-megapixel Android Smartphones?

So megapixels do not guarantee a good camera. Instead, the camera’s sensors, aperture, shutter speed, and processor make the smartphone’s camera better. So while buying a smartphone, pay attention to all the issues related to the camera of the smartphone.

8. Mobile battery

If you have a smartphone with a lot of apps or you have to use it for a long time on a daily basis, then a large battery is required. In that case, choose a battery with a capacity of more than4000 mAh.i
It will be better for you

As smartphone comes with higher refresh rates, higher brightness, and higher resolution, battery consumption tends to be just as high, and larger batteries are needed.

9. Price

Probably if you have a limited amount of money to buy a new smartphone, that is the first basis for the price of the smartphone that you are going to buy. Whatever smartphone you buy, don’t forget to compare its price online, ie e-commerce and offline markets.

The same smartphone can be available at different prices and discounts on different shopping sites. It is a matter of personal choice whether to use all your salary or buy another set that meets some cheap but parallel needs.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy a new smartphone with special features. The experience that the user gets on a premium device does not mean that you will not get a new smartphone with the same level of features in the mid-range segment. So while buying a new smartphone, pay more attention to your needs than the cost.

But don’t forget to consider that some devices in most ranges may be better than others’ devices.

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