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What are the application areas of a computer?

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What are the application areas of a computer

What are the application areas of a computer?

Application areas of a computer

What are the application areas of a computer? What are their purposes? Computer technology made several important impacts on our society and life. Many activities in our daily life can be performed easily by using a computer. It has saved a lot of time, reduced costs, and solved specific problems. Some common application areas of computers are described below:

What are the application areas of a computer?

A computer is a versatile machine and used in different fields for various purposes. Some application areas of a computer are described below.

1. Home

This is one of the major application fields of computers. Computers are playing a vital role at home, like other electronic devices such as television, radio, mobile phone, etc.

Computers have also become the need of every person at home. Computers are used at home for writing a letter, listening to music, watching movies, drawing pictures, playing games, sending and getting email and information on the internet, keeping daily and monthly expenditure, and so on. Computers are also used at home for educational purposes for children.

2. Business

The use of computers in the field of business is increasing day by day. Computers are being the heart of modern business. Every organization wants to expand globally and without a computer, this is not possible. Shops, malls, supermarkets, and hypermarkets use computers for file management, calculating the bills, office communication, administrative work, decision making, etc.

Many business activities are performed quickly and effectively by using a computer. Business organizations can use computers for product promotion and interact with customers, to provide online services.

3. Education

In educational institutions, computers are used for information resources, teaching aid, library system, research mode, result system, database keeping for students as well as staff, billing as well as the accounting system, examination system, etc.

Students can solve different kinds of problems quickly and effectively by using computers. Teachers can explain difficult topics more clearly and easily to their students using Computer Base Presentation (CBP). Students can also complete their assignments, project reports using different software on the computer. Students can give preparation exams and entrance examinations online with instant results. Using computers, students can search for books, read books, magazines, and journals in the online library.

Nowadays open universities are launching their distance learning programs through computer-based training (CBT). Educational institutions provide educational material on CD and DVD to make the learning process easier and effective. Students can also search for different and difficult study material through search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

4. Health and Medicine

Computer in hospital is used for diagnosing illness, monitoring the condition of patients, keeping the necessary records, and many other purposes. In hospitals, computers are used in different medical units such as ICU (Intensive Care Unit), ECG (Electrocardiograph), Operation Theater, recovery room, medical ward, etc. Most of the medical types of equipment used in the hospital are computerized. These types of equipment are used to monitor patients continuously.

Pacemakers are computers that operate within the human body and help to maintain a heartbeat. Now, the entire laboratory tests such as X-Ray, CT-Scan, etc. are performed by computers. By using a computer one can take medical suggestions from expert doctors or medical representatives in any location of the world by sitting in a remote location where there is a lack of hospitals or doctors.

5. Bank

All financial transactions in banks and financial institutions are done by computer software. They provide security, speed, and convenience. Banks and financial institutions use computers to keep records and maintain accounts of customers. Different branches are connected with the help of a computer network, one can withdraw and deposit money for any branch system.

Most of the banks provide the ATM facility to their customers and online transaction. In the ATM system, customers can withdraw cash from any ATM machines which are interconnected in the ATM system. Banks use computers for secure transactions and information sharing between branches and global.

6. Entertainment

Computers are also playing a very important role in entertainment. Computers have become a need of humans for entertainment. The computer can be taken as a good means of entertainment. Computers are used in entertainment for playing games, listening to music, watching movies and videos, watching TV programs, etc. In the movie or videos, special visual effects are added with the help of the computer. By adding such effects, the contents of the movie or video seem real.

Another part of entertainment is computer games. Movies or videos, cartoon movies are developed by using a computer. Mostly games and movies are available on the website and CD/DVD free or very low cost.

7. Science and Research

We cannot imagine that without using a computer, scientific research will be completed. Computers are playing an important role in the fields of science and research. A computer is used in all branches of sciences for various purposes. Scientists collect the latest information around the world through the internet. All scientific searches are carried out by using computers. Scientists can get accurate experimental results by using a computer. Computers also help to do complex scientific calculations as well as process massive amounts of data.


Computers are playing a very important role in the fields of industry. All the modern industries are controlled by computers system. An important component of modern industrial or factory computers is the programmable logic controller or PLC, used to automate production and processes. In industry, computers are used to control the manufacturing system and continuous running of the machines.

Computers are also used to monitor temperature, pressure, check the quality and accuracy of the products.


Computers are used in engineering to collect and analyze data. Engineer also uses computer technology to collect the latest information around the world, which is mainly used to get the experimental result and also in future forecasting. Engineers use computer technology for designing and developing any business as well as a scientific model using appropriate software tools.

CAD/CAM software package helps engineers and architects to prepare machine drawing, building drawing, circuit drawing, presentation of 3D views of machine parts on the screen. Any design can be drawn using CAD software like AutoCAD.

10. Defense

Computers are more helpful in the field of defense. Secured databases and records are kept in the computer with the help of software used in the system. Information on the defense system is very secure and complicated, so the computer is most essential in defense systems along with different secured featured software components. There is software embedded in almost every weapon.

In defense, armies can find out the enemy location, enemy numbers, and the number of weapons using the computer. Modern weapons like missiles, atomic bombs are controlled and fired by computers.

11. Desktop Publishing

The computer plays a vital role in desktop publishing. It is not possible to publish newspapers, magazines books, etc. without using a computer. The designers use different types of software for desktop publishing. We can create page layouts for magazines, newspapers, books, etc. with attractive designs by using designing software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe In-design, Macromedia Freehand, etc.

12. Communication

Communication has become easier, faster, cheaper, and more reliable due to the use of computers. One can communicate with people or societies in another part of the world by sitting within a small room. People can share, views, ideas, and file video conferencing are possible due to computers.

13. Weather Forecasting

Computers can be used for weather forecastings like sunrise, sunset, rainfall, humidity, the temperature of different places at the same around the globe using supercomputers and related programs. We can also predict future weather forecasting on the basis of past records. Metrology is the tool to research weather forecasting systems.

14. Astronomy

Today the computer is an important part of modern astronomy. Computers help to observe astronomers in many ways. For example, computers guide telescopes, and they control devices that measure the radiation gathered by the telescope.

Astronomers also use computers to design new telescopes and analyze the data collected by telescopes. Computers have a major role in theoretical studies. A theoretical astronomer can use a computer to produce a mathematical model of the history of a star from its birth to its death.

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There are unlimited application areas of a computer. If you have some knowledge about the computer please mention the comment box. If you think this article is helpful for your please share it with social media.

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